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Leather is a natural material whose beauty is enhanced by unique varying grain patterns and the subtleties of color and texture created by dyes and finishes. With time and use, leather products will mature and darken, giving them a rich patina.
The quality of leather we feature in our store includes top grain leathers which will have many of the following characteristics:
Healed Scars and Scratches – from contact with fences, trees and the elements. Aniline leather is a natural product and no effort is made to hide the varied texture.
Depth of Color and Shading –Transparent colors are similar to wood stain, allowing for variations of shades within the same color.
Natural Wrinkles and Grain Pattern –Different sections of each hide have a unique appearance. A full-size sofa utilizes 3-4 whole hides.
Top Grain Leather:  Only the outer portion of the hide is used for Top Grain leather. The leather may be naturally smooth or wrinkled and will show all the natural markings, brands and scars. The tanned hides are soaked in translucent dyes which permeate the leather to accentuate its natural and unique beauty. These leathers can be cleaned and conditioned to ensure they keep their luxurious feel.
Full  Aniline Leather: Full aniline leather is made from Full Top Grain selection, meaning only the top 10 percent of hides are used for this leather. Transparent coloring with micro pigments provides beautiful depth of color, allowing the natural surface characteristics to be visible. Full Aniline leathers have natural grain, not man made. As a result, this leather will display healed scars and scratches, variations in color and shading, natural wrinkles and grain pattern.
Corrected Grain Leather: Some leathers require correction of the natural grain as a result of the amount of healed scars or other surface defects. Corrected grain leathers recieve a light buffing to remove such defects and a new grain is manually embossed into the leather surface. The leather surface then receives additional dyes, pigmentation for color consistency, and/or a protective top-coat finish. This correction of leather grain changes the feel of the leather but generally improves the durability and decreases the amount of preventative maintenance required.
Bonded or Faux Leather: Bonded or Faux leathers are not leather at all. These products are polyurethane sprayed over a backing which is sometimes made of ground up pieces of leather.  While bonded and faux leather properly made are good, easily cleaned products that function well in high-use areas, it is not accurate to call them leathers.


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