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3323 Andrews Hwy. Odessa,TX

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Open Monday thru Saturday 10am to 6pm




"There's a big difference between a store and a showroom."     

 Tom McMinn                


At McMinn's, we understand West Texans.  We're busy people, and when we're doing something, we like to get it done.  That's why at McMinn's we go to the extra expense and effort to run a store instead of a showroom.  Most furniture stores these days are really furniture showrooms - full of display items they can't deliver without ordering them in, so you wind up waiting and waiting and waiting for your new furniture while the couple of weeks they promised turns into a couple of months.


At our STORE, if you see it on display you can take it with you, or we'll arrange immediate delivery. Just that simple. It takes inventory and work to make that happen, but we know that goes a long way toward making you our friend and satisfied customer.  And that's the whole idea to begin with.


3323 Andrews Highway

Odessa, Texas 79762

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